Green Leaf Mittens

I really like to knit my mittens on two circular needles. It just seems easy to have the front half your stitches on one needle and the back half on the other. This pattern is for my "Green Leaf Mittens".  Feel free to think of this as a recipe in which you can switch out the center panel for anything else.  I also like cables. I should note that this makes mittens sized Women's Small.  To make larger mittens, add an equal number of extra stitches to each needle (making sure to keep the pattern centered on needle #1).  Here is a video tutorial on working in the round on two circular needles if you haven't used this technique before: http://www.stitchdiva.com/tutorials/knitting/on-two-circular-needles

DK weight yarn (approximately 200 yards)

6 stitches and 9 rows = 1 inch

US #3 (3.25 mm) - two circular needles
(Or four double-pointed needles - you'll have to adjust your stitches for DPNs)

K = knit
P = purl
M = make one
K2tog = knit two together

General pattern:
Cast on 48 sts - 24 sts on needle #1 and 24 on needle #2. K1,(P2, K2 across to last stitch), K1.
Continue ribbing for 14 rows.

Needle #1: Work Charted Pattern.  Knit across all sts on needle #2.

Note: You will have 26 stitches when you complete Row 1 (and all odd rows) of the charted pattern, but will go back to 24 when you complete Row 2 (and all even rows).

Rep for 2 rows before starting the thumb gusset (through Row 3 of the charted pattern).

Thumb gusset:
Row 1: Rep pattern across all sts on needle #1. On needle #2, K1, M1, K2, M1, knit across.
50 stitches total (2 thumb stitches)

Row 2 & 3: Work two rows even on both needles continuing in pattern across needle #1.

Row 4: Rep pattern across all sts on needle #1. On needle #2, K1, M1, K4, M1, knit across.
52 stitches total (4 thumb stitches)

Row 5 & 6: Rep Rows 2 & 3
54 stitches total (6 thumb stitches)

Continue increasing in same manner for the thumb gusset on every 3rd row until there are 18 sts for the thumb (or 9 sets of 2 increses = also equals 27 rows). Put thumb sts on waste yarn. When knitting next row, cast on 2 sts (backwards loop method) for a total of 24 sts on needle 2 (48 sts total).

Work the rest of the hand to desired length.

Hand Decreases:
Row 1: K2tog across - 24 sts (12 on needle #1, 12 on needle #2).

Row 2: Knit one row even.

Row 3: K2tog across - 12 sts (6 on needle #1, 6 on needle #2).

Row 4: Knit one row even.

Row 5: K2tog across - 6 sts (3 on needle #1, 3 on needle #2).

Pull yarn through remaining 6 stitches.

Finishing Thumb:
Remove waste yarn and divide stitches onto two circular needles, 9 sts on each. Start knitting in the round and pick up 2 sts from the edge of the hand where you CO 2 sts. Total Thumb stitches = 20.

Work in the round until you are ready to decrease.

Row 1: K2tog across both needles (10 sts total).

Row 2: Knit one row even.

Row 3: K2tog across both needles (5 sts total).

Pull yarn through remaining 5 stitches.

The gusset instructions above work the right mitten. When you want to work the left one, just move the increases to the end of needle 2, rather than at the beginning. Work the front exactly the same for both.

I'm still new to pattern writing, so if you have any comments on how to make this pattern better, please do let me know. Enjoy!

Pattern Chart:

K = Knit
P = Purl
O = Yarn over
// = Knit two together
\\ = Slip, slip, knit together through the back loop
Grey box = no stitch

©2011 Amy Mercer. All rights reserved. No part of this pattern may be reproduced in any form.
The written instructions, photographs, charts, and illustrations are intended for personal, non-commercial use. Feel free to give away what you make, but please do not sell items made from this pattern. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

These are so very pretty!
Thank you for sharing your pattern :D

(Knitterlee on Ravelry)

Anonymous said...

I love these - I would love to make them for my sister in law for xmas. I was looking at the chart - is there supposed to be a stitch 12? Maybe I am missing something - I've only knit a few mittens.

brainsneezes on ravelry

Amy said...

Thank you! I made a little correction to the chart. You are right - of course there should be a stitch 12. Let me know if you have any more questions.


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the pattern and the correction! I am going to cast these on now - they're gorgeous.


adele said...

I began the pattern chart and instead of 24 I have 2 stitches left over. Do I put them on the palm or is the chart counting off because of the YOs........Help!

Amy said...

Hi Adele,
Yes, on the first row you will have extra stitches because of not all of the YOs in the pattern are mirrored with decreases on the same row. However, you will see these decreases in Row 2 of the chart, bringing you back to 24 stitches for needle #1. Let me know if that helps or if you have any other questions.

Amy said...

Hi Adele,
I reworded the pattern to account for those extra YO stitches on the odd rows of the chart. You will have 26 stitches on the odd rows of the chart and 24 stitches on the even rows of the chart.

Anonymous said...

Hello there do I knit all 26 stitches for each odd and even row?

Amy said...

Hello-You will have 26 stitches on the odd rows of the chart and 24 stitches on the even rows of the chart due to the extra YO on the odd rows. Let me know if you have any other questions.

Thank you,

Anonymous said...

I would like the pattern for the scarf that you are wearing in the picture. It looks fabulous.

Martin said...

Hi Amy

Merry Christmas from the UK!

Er... I've promised my mum a pair of these, but never knitted mittens before, and I just don't get your pattern at all... Hellllppppp!!!!

I don't understand why you use two circular needles, are the mittens knitted as 2 halves and sewn together? Can you give me a hint to get me started, I'm sure it will come clear when I'm up and running.

Thank you, than k you,


Amy said...

Hi Martin,
Merry Christmas! I wrote this pattern to work the mittens in the round with two circular needles rather than using double point needles (DPNs). Here is a video tutorial on working in the round on two circulars that may help you get started: http://www.stitchdiva.com/tutorials/knitting/on-two-circular-needles
Of course, you can always use DNPs if you are more comfortable with those.

Best wishes,

Homeshppr@aol.com said...

I'm new to mitten knitting and have now made ten pair from your basic pattern, then also substituting other decorative stitch patterns on the top of the hand. Your instructions were so easy to follow and to visualize the simple construction. I've shared your link with my knitting friends of all levels on the "Knitting Paradise" website.

Amy said...

So glad to hear that you are enjoying the pattern! I love that you have included other stitches, too. Thank you for letting me know!

Kim Stephenson said...

Hi Amy,
Just wondering if I start the increases for the thumb ON round two, just after I finish knitting needle one...OR, if I start them on round three, just after I finish knitting needle two.
Thanks so much for this lovely pattern! Can't wait to wear them!