Licorice Whip

I finished the fun and easy Licorice Whip today.

  • Size: XXXS - yes, this is a fitted sweater!

  • Yarn: Cascade Ecowool #8015 - 1 skein and a little bit from the second. I really liked working with this yarn. It comes in HUGE skeins and is wonderfully soft.

  • Needles: US #8, combination of addi turbos and birch DPNs.

  • Mods: I didn't end up doing the lace details down the sleeves. Not sure why, just didn't. I did four sets of increases on the waist-shaping because the first time it was a little short, especially because of the rolled edging. I just steamed it a little with the iron to even out wonky stitches, but no real blocking.

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