Half and Half

...and not the kind for coffee, although I used that this morning, too.

This weekend I finished two things, well really, half of two things.

First, one of Eunny's endpaper mitts. I haven't done much stranded knitting so I thought this was a good project for me. I am not a continental knitter, and while I have practiced this technique before, I can't quite get it down. And this really causes a problem with fair isle. So, I developed a new technique, that makes stranded knitting just as fast for me as regular knitting. I do hold both colors in my right hand, looping the "under" or dominant color over my ring finger, and the "over" color over my middle finger. I do not drop either color between stitches, I just use which ever color I need at the time, using my middle finger to throw the dominant and my pointer to throw the other. Is it wierd that I can be so dexterous with one hand, but can't get continental knitting down? Second, I have had this wonderful sage-y green Lornas Laces Shepard Sport in my stash specifically for the Embossed Leaves socks from IW Winter 2005 since this past summer. I don't know why I haven't worked on these before. I love them! So, 1 down, 1 to go. And no second sock syndrome here... I already cast-on and the first one was so much fun, I'll have no problem making the match.

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