In The Works

I find myself with more projects (or at least ideas of projects) than time these days.  It is wonderful to have  a few days off around New Year's to put some of my plans into action.
First up is my Double Hat for G.  This is a nice challenge for me.  Double knitting is a technique that I haven't tried before, but with this year being an introduction to cold Wisconsin winters, I think G needs something that will withstand the icy temperatures and wind.  Of course I can't just follow a pattern, so this is modified not only in stitch count but in the charted pattern on the main part of the hat as well.

I've been throughly encouraged by the interest in the free knitting patterns I've recently released (Thanks you guys!), so I'm working on something I can publish for sale.  But don't worry, I love a free pattern just like the rest of you, so there will be more of those to come!  This little cardigan is reminiscent of something I've created in the past with some interesting design elements.  I can't wait to finish it!

And the last in-progress project that I will share is also a new design.  I saw something similar while walking around the farmers market before they went indoors for the winter and I just had to try it!  You'll have to wait and see the finished product!

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