My In-Laws are Coming!

Ok, so we aren't having guests until August, but we may be having a LOT of guests in August.  No only are my in-laws definitely staying with us, my best friend might be coming and my brother and sister-in-law, too.  This is a great excuse for me to come up with a plan for my super-dark and boring guest room.  The room is tan (like every room in our rental house) and has weird white molding for the crown and chair rail.  Everything of ours in here is either old, repainted and/or from Craigslist:

  • Ikea dresser: Not only has this made, let's see, SIX moves, it wasn't even something I bought new from Ikea.  It's from Craigslist DC - 2003!
  • Headboard: Craigslist Albany - 2010, I painted it white.
  • Mattress and Boxspring: Husband's old set.
  • Comforter: Mine from Target circa 2005-ish.  It's a Full size duvet on a Queen bed.  No quite cutting it!
  • Bookcase as bedside table: From my mom and dad.  Who knows how old this one is... I painted it white.
  • Nightstand: My dad made this for my childhood bedroom in maybe 1989.  I still have the matching desk in our office!
  • Corner chair: Craigslist Albany - 2010,  I painted it light blue.
I'd like to spruce things up a bit before we have anyone else stay in the room.  On the to-do list:
  • Drop Cloth Drapes:  I'd like to sew a border of matching fabric to coordinate with new pillow shams
  • Pillow Shams and Accent Pillows: Another sewing project
  • Nightstands: On the hunt for a matching set on Craigslist... this might take awhile!  I found a set I really like, but of course the people aren't getting back to me.  I'd like to paint them something other than white, but knowing me, they will probably end up white, or maybe even slightly off-white - CRAZY!
  • Lamps for nightstands: I need something to lighten up that room.
  • New Comforter: Something simple but appropriately sized for a Queen bed would go a long way.
That's the plan... I have a little over 3 months to do it.  I should probably order some fabric...

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