Class Picnic + Chicken Scratch

Ever since I stumbled across Chicken Scratch Embroidery on Pinterest I knew I wanted to use it on a garment for my little birdie.  The Oliver and S Class Picnic blouse was the perfect pattern for a little embroidery across the bodice and a little on the hem.  I made the 6-12 month size for my 10 month old against my better judgement.  It is a little tough getting it on and off (she HATES getting dressed) so this will only fit for a short time.  But I love it anyway! And the embroidery is so easy, it was totally worth it!

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Inder-ific said...

Hi!! I pinned this beautiful blouse of yours years ago and couldn't stop thinking about it! I love chicken scratch embroidery. I finally got around to making a CP blouse with embroidery for my daughter. If you still check your blog comments and you've moved to IG or another location with your projects, I'd love to follow you! Here's my blog post. http://www.inderlovesfolkart.com/2017/09/first-day-of-class-picnic.html

Thanks for the inspiration!