Sewing for Baby: Butterick 3405

I was wandering around JoAnn's the other day looking for fabric for another project entirely when this beautiful print jumped out at me.  I had to have it for little birdie!  And I also needed a pattern, of course! I have been looking for something like Citronille's Apoline in a baby size (feel free to give me some suggestions) because I love the flutter sleeves.  This one doesn't quite have the same look with the lovely square bodice, but the tiny tucks on the front and button-up back won me over.

I won't tell you about the time I had trying to add snaps… but suffice it to say, I should have listened when I read this post on Crafterhours. Yes, I have the worst stinkin' snap tool in the world and I tried to use it! After that fail (and a sore finger from hitting it with the hammer - true story), I went on to make buttonholes instead, which are also the bane of my existence. I don't know if it is me or my machine, but I can't seem to make nice proper buttonholes. They work, yes, but just don't look to closely!

Pattern: Butterick 3405 - Size L, View C but with sleeves from View A added

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Diane V Calhoun said...

I love this outfit. I found your blog because I am going to make this pattern for my niece's new baby and was looking to see what others thought about it. I also love your knitting! Best wishes, Diane Calhoun