Nightstand Chronicles: Part I

As you know from my post yesterday, I was on the hunt for a matching set of nightstands for my guest room.  Yes, it would be fun to be eclectic and find non-matching nightstands, but since already none of my furniture matches, I really wanted a pair.

Nightstands have been the bane of my existence.  In fact, I just found and painted a nightstand for the master bedroom after searching for just the right thing for 2+ years.  After a few of my Craigslist finds had gone unanswered, I finally found a PAIR that were just right!  The only catch... they came with a dresser and mirror, too!  No problem.  You can see that I kind of needed a dresser to replace my Ikea one anyway.

So off on another Craigslist pick up we went.  The VERY nice seller helped load all of this into the truck.  The dresser was so heavy there was no way I could help!  Yes, it is still in the back of the truck in the garage.  Luckily we live in a ranch so no stairs.  But, we'll discuss the dresser another day.  This is all about nightstands!!

Look at the cute brass casters!  They have a drawer!  And doors!  But, yes, they are in need of an update, so I need to make some decisions.

I am definitely going to remove the metal grates from the doors.  Gone will also be the blue glass (yikes).  I am undecided whether to put in clear glass, or just some thin wood, since I would like to paint the whole thing.  Color?  Hardware? Undecided.  Because the feet are brass, I think brass will be the way to go for hardware.  

What do you think?  Cute?

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