Still time for a sweater

I'm no fool. Yes, I am thinking about summer sewing, but I also know there is still time to wear a new sweater before the weather warms up for the (hopefully) long summer. Merriment by Melynda of French Press Knits is coming out really cute so far. I'm knitting this a little on the big side so it can be worn next fall and winter, too. Also, I'm knitting the main part on US 7 needles because I like the density of the fabric a little bit better than on US 6. Using stash yarn for this one (mostly). I had the light blue and white Cascade 220 already, and tried to use stash green instead of the pink, but I really pictured this with pink. So that gave me an excuse to check out a nice yarn and fabric shop in Nashua, NH - Twill!

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